About Us

It all started in the summer of 2020 when I looked at the mirror and noticed that my curly hair was gradually starting to change for the worse in comparison with my childhood photos.

After a long search, I began to read and learn all information related to the curly girl method. I was more amazed by the amount of information I encountered at that time.

Then, after participating in many communities and social media groups that interested in curly hair and gaining sufficient experience in knowing the status and nature or needs of my hair, I started a blogging journey about curly hair and its problems with solutions we may take or apply.

The goal became clear to me, to spread information about curly hair and explain it in a scientific way, and keep away from myths that may face anyone who is new to the caring world of curly hair.

Keep this in mind, we are several people now managing the site and its content, our staff board and audiences growing over time, and any kind of help that will push us to reach our goal will be welcomed, for more information, you can contact us via contact us page.

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