Our Favorite Curly Hair Accessories List For Use

Hair accessories are essential for curly girls; within the article, we have mentioned the seven best curly hair accessories that can be used with your hair routine.

Curly hair girls have a special love for curly hair accessories, as it is a suitable way to keep hair curly away from the face and accentuate it more and add an elegant appearance to hair after styling it.

Looking at the history of hair accessories, they used to refer to social class, age, or religious belief, and of course, a level of fashion awareness as well.

Recently, hair accessories have formed one of the tools for self-expression, which made adherence to them very common among girls in everyday appearance.

In the article, we will talk about the best hair accessories that can be worn or used on your natural hair, when and where to use them, and of course, you can add your own touch whenever you want to keep you away from bad hair days.

But before we start, we decided to make a poll about most curly hair products accessories used in the largest curly-haired community on Reddit. The results showed clear superiority of scrunchie ties compared to the rest of the curly hair accessories.


It is looped ties of rubber, which are covered with fabric. There are several types of fabric used in it; silk or satin is the most important type of it to use for curly hair.

Pink Scrunchie

Scrunchie ties are used in many hairstyles, and it is important in certain techniques, such as the pineapple method or gathering curly strands as ponytails. Scrunchies are large compared to other wearable accessories and are available in a variety of colors, making them a standout piece in our curly hair styling model.

Spiral Tie

It’s like the modern shape of hair ties, which is very popular and is similar to a telephone cord. These ties are made of non-absorbent materials to preserve the natural oils of the hair. The most popular brand that provides this type of tie is Invisibobble.

Spiral Tie

These hair ties are effective in hairstyles that include ponytails, color gradations, and the simplicity of this type of hair tie makes it a great choice among curly hair accessories.

Clips / Pins

Hair clips and pins are used to secure or lift hair from the face and are essential curly hair accessories to use. Let’s accept this; the bobby pin trend isn’t going down anytime soon.

Clips & Pins

Not to mention the elegance it adds to your curly hair’s look, it is possible to use pins on the roots to get more curly hair volume. Just make sure to use it on the roots to prevent damaging or breaking the curly hair shape.You can rely on traditional bobby pins or opt for fancy bobby pins to add an eye-catching look to your hair.


A hair scarf is one of the best and most fashionable curly hair accessories. It is used among many styling curly hair methods, such as the pineapple method and other methods, which we will mention later.


The curly hair scarf must be made of silk or satin (such as scrunchie), and the different colors and sizes make it a popular choice for many curly-haired girls.

It is worth noting that some people use a scarf at night while sleeping to protect curls, but personally, I prefer to wear a bonnet cap on that.

Ribbon / Wire Headbands

Hairbands are one of the simplest accessories for curly hair, and they also give a distinct addition to the look of your hair. It is used in many curly hairstyles, and there are many types of it.

Ribbon / Wire Headbands

Personally, I prefer the flexible wired headband, as it is easy to control for almost any curly hair styling method out there that relies on it.

Keep in mind that it is always important to purchase products that are available with the choice of silk in particular in order to protect our hair as much as possible from the problems of dryness and frizz. There is a Floral Silk Headband for these types of accessories, which I think is pretty cool to try out.

Also, I have found a new type of headband that is only intended for use during sleep at night; it is called a sleep headband; the colors do not matter in this type of product, the greatest benefit that will be achieved will be in its job of lifting hair off the face during sleep.


The bandana is one of the curly hair accessories that has been used for a very long time. It resembles a hair scarf in many details except that the bandana works to cover the upper section of the curly hair scalp. When using them, you don’t need to worry about the appearance of your flat, curly hair on top. (Or you can then use our solutions for that problem later).


And here we are now; that was a list of the best curly hair accessories that I think are worth trying and using and suitable for most types of curly hair and styles.

It is important to remember that to be usable on curly hair, fabric accessories must be made of silk or satin, or they will be prone to frizziness the next day.

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