All You Need to Know About Split Ends in Curly Hair

Split ends are a normal case that all hair types face whatever you try to prevent them, but curly hair is more prone to it due to its dry nature. However, that won’t happen the same way if you treat your curls correctly.

At least one of us may try to split the split ends; as funny as it is, this behavior will increase the damage that has already been caused.

Reducing the split ends at its minimalist and getting healthy curly hair will only cost you to know the cause of split ends, and you won’t believe that all you need to get rid of split ends are some easy steps. We will discuss them in detail to help you maintain your Precious curls. 

Types of split ends

types of spilt ends

The basic split (double split): this is the most common type of split; it looks like a Y letter. The cortical cells are still held together, but large sections are separate from each other. It is often caused because of friction, brushing hair the wrong way, and dryness. 

When you face this type, all you should do is time the splits, then nourish your hair using hair masks and seal your hair ends with oil-based products.

The mini: it looks like the previous type, but it’s tiny, and you won’t notice them, sometimes. Those split ends are caused by dryness, so all you need here to moisturize your hair and seal the hair endings. 

The fork in the road: it looks like a fork, but it is less common than basic and mini-split ends. This one means that your hair is too damaged and needs trimming, then start to use nourishing masks and moisturizing products constantly.  

The tree: in this one, the hair strands will look like the damage has occurred to one side. Many splits start to separate from the main fibers. Once you notice this type in your hair, go and trim your hair, then nourish and moisturize your hair, and don’t forget to seal the hair ends to control the damage. 

The candle: it looks like a lit candle, where the hair strand lost its outer layer. The split ends are yet to start, so go and trim your hair before the hair strands start to separate and give your hair some nourishment and moisture masks.  

The knot: the hair starts to form knots by itself, those knots are not split yet, but once you comb your hair, they will breakage, and splits start to appear. The most important thing here to brush/comb your hair the right way, as I mentioned, and once you see split ends in your hair, you have to trim your curls. 

What causes split ends?

To know the cause of split ends is an essential thing, like knowing how to prevent split ends. Many factors play a major role in increasing them; you may not think ever before about them.

  1. Dry hair: dry hair is more prone to split ends, especially curly hair which is dry by its nature, so it’s essential to moisturize your hair constantly.
  2. Using heat tool/ hot water: the damage which heat tool and hot water cause weakens the hair and makes it more prone to split ends.
  3. Chemical process and hair coloring: like heat, the chemicals will ruin your curls, especially if you ignore to treat them after that. 
  4. Brushing hair the wrong way: Vigorous brushing while the hair is dry will make the comb stick in your curls’ knot, and breakage them, and cause split ends.
  5. Bad weather: hot and dry weather will affect our hair negatively and raise curly hair dryness, which is the most important reason for split ends.
  6. Friction: some fabric and materials such as wool cause more friction from others (satin, silk), that friction is one of the factors responsible for split ends.

How to prevent split ends in curly hair?

The shocking truth here is nothing can prevent splits completely because it’s a normal case that happened due to many factors like weather or poor health. But we can follow some tips, which can help in reducing them.

Moisturize your curly hair

There are many ways and techniques to increase the moisture in curly hair strands to fight the most split ends causes. Here are some of them which will help you perfectly:

  • Use leave-in conditioner
  • Use hair masks
  • The squish to condish technique will help hair to absorb more moisture and water.
  • LCO / LOC method will help in sealing moisture in hair and maintain it.

Avoid heat

Either if we talk about heat tools or hot water, it’s better to avoid them because of the breakage and split ends that make it in hair.

In case of necessity for using heat tools like hair styling tools or something else, you should first protect your curly hair by using serums that contain Insoluble silicon, which builds a cover on the hair strands, and use a hair mask on your hair the next wash to compensate moisture.

Protect curly hair while sleeping

Many curly girls focus on treating their curls during the day and ignore that at night. But friction of the hair with the bed is responsible for splitting your hair into two splits.

Fortunately, there are many different ways to protect curly hair at night; you can choose one of them:

  • Use a satin/silk pillowcase.
  • Use a satin/silk bonnet.
  • Use Pineapple hair method.

Protect curly hair before swimming

to enjoy your swimming time and avoid the bad effects of swimming pool chlorine or sea salt which make hair straw-like and normally you’ll face split ends, you should take some steps before:

  • Wet your hair very well
  • Apply a lot of your conditioner or hair mask
  • For extra protection, wear a swimming cap, and now you are ready to enjoy. 

Brush your hair the right way 

it is important to brush your hair because it helps your curls look more defined and eliminate knots. Otherwise, the comb or brush will stick in your hair and damage it. so you should brush it the right way to avoid hair damage:

  • Firstly, you should never brush your hair while it’s dry. Wet your curls.
  • Apply enough amount of leave-in
  • Detangle your hair with your finger or with a wide-tooth comb.

Treat your hair after chemical process or hair coloring

Most of us sometimes flirt in our hair routine care and try to get a new look by changing hair color. After you did that, you should start moisturizing your hair to avoid split ends and damaged hair.

Hair masks are a good choice to re-moisturize your curls. However, curly hair weakens after chemical processes, and its porosity increases, which means the hair cuticle will slightly be spaced apart. So you need a way to maintain the moisture in your hair, don’t worry, you can try the LOC/ LCO method for that.

Drink enough water

It’s known that up to 60% of the human adult body is water; as a result of drinking enough water hair strands will look shiny and moisturized, and surely that will help in reducing split ends. But avoid drinking too much water in a short time because you may face water poisoning

Use a microfiber towel or T-shirt cotton

a microfiber towel and cotton t-shirt have a smooth surface that means less friction and less chance for split ends. 

Regular trimming

nothing can help your hair to get rid of split ends except trimming; you have to make trimming a habit from time to time. 

How to fix split ends?

Trim, trim, and trim. Trimming is the best solution to get rid of and prevent split ends. Also, it’s the only way to fix them. There aren’t any other solutions to fix those poor damaged splits except trimming, and whatever you hear about treatment cream to fix them, don’t believe them. It’s just money-wasting.

Why are split ends bad?

As I said, split ends are a normal case; we will experience some of them. But surely it isn’t wanted, because of the bad effects that split ends make in hair, not just on hair health, it also affects hair look. Here are some of those effects:  

Do split ends prevent hair growth?

The short answer to this question is no; the split ends won’t prevent your hair from growing longer. Despite that, you may notice that your hair grows faster after trimming, that’s because you stop those splits from splitting your hair strands and breakage them, so that gives the scalp enough time to produce a new length.

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