Why Curly Hair is Turning Straight? 6 Reasons to Answer

Curly hair turning into straight hair; might sound like a dream come true for some, but for others, it’s terrible trouble, especially for those who start their naturally curly hair journey.

Either way, you have to be clear with the reasons that lead your curls to be limp, looser, and straight. 

The bad news is the reasons usually related to bad habits that you do in your routine. The good news is that you can recover your defined spiral curls or waves by giving up habits that hurt your curly hair in your routine. But sometimes bad habits aren’t the only ones who are accused when hair changes its texture and shape.

Many factors have played a major role in that change not related to hair care routine, so let’s answer the question, “why is my curly hair going straight?”. 

Hair Products build-up 

Accumulation of products on the hair strands will wight the curls down and lose their shape until they look wavy or even straight.

Despite avoiding ingredients that made a layer on the hair like silicon or waxes in your routine, the products build-up is a normal case that might happened because of many other sub-causes:

Reason #1: Using heavy products

heavy products contain ingredients like (Non-Water Soluble Silicones, oils, Waxes, butter) which are set on top of the hair and weigh it down and repel water and moisture. Those products accumulate on hair, especially if you use sulfate-free products. 

Solution: replace heavy products with light products

water-based products and silicone-free are the best replacement, which moisturizes your curly hair without building a layer on it -products with oils and butter might be the right choice in some cases, that depends on your curly hair needs-.

Reason #2: applying too many products or a large amount of each product

using many products or too much of a product doesn’t mean better results. On the contrary, those products will build a thick layer on curls and wight them down until curls go straight. 

Solution: reduce the amount / number of products that you use

your hair density and length are the factors that play a role in determining the quantity and number of products, so use enough equal amounts.

Reason #3: ignore clarifying

clarifying is an essential step, especially if you follow a sulfate-free routine. Even if you don’t use heavy products, you will likely face build-up, which affects your curls’ shape.

Solution: clarify your curly hair and scalp

there are a lot of clarifying shampoos you can use, or easily you can use apple acid instead of them, or some lemon juice with a small amount of your hair mask to clarify your hair, one or two times in one month as your hair needs it. 

An imbalance between moisture and protein

Dryness is the worst curly hair problem for many, so they try to moisturize their curls as much as they can, which sometimes leads to the over-moisturizing issue if you give your hair more than its needs.

To clarify more, curly hair needs more moisturizing than straight hair because of its formation, but that doesn’t mean a lot of moisture will solve its troubles. It’ll harm your hair, and your curls will limp and get straight. 

On the other hand, protein is the main hair component that gives the hair its strength and shape, but overusing products that contain protein will cause products build-up and weight curls down to be straight, particularly if you have low hair porosity.

The key solution is to balance using moisture and protein products, use them depending on your curly hair needs.  

Unsuitable Styling method

Sometimes styling methods have the most significant effect on curls shape, so it’s normal to try the wrong method on your curls until you get to the desired look, there isn’t a rule here to follow.

just keep trying different styling methods until you reach and know that one hairstyling method, which gives you the required curls formation. 

You can try finger coiling to give you that spiral look, besides the scrunching technique when you apply styling products, and for extra shaping, give the plopping method a try; it’ll help your curls to climb up. Those are just personal experiences, and you can try other methods and techniques as well.

Long and density curly hair

Long or dense hair means more weight on the hair’s root that may cause the curls to fall flat from the roots. You can notice that when your hair grows longer, curls shape and pattern change because they are getting heavier, and sometimes it makes your curls look straight; also, high hair density will increase the problem. 

Don’t panic; you don’t have to lose all your hair length to get your curls pattern back. Just trim the end of your curls and cut the hair in layers to make it bounce back up. You can try a unicorn cut, it’s so easy to try it by yourself at home. 

Harsh habits

Damaged curly hair is more prone to lose its pattern and go straight. That damage usually happens because of the harsh habits you do in your hair routine. Fortunately, skipping a bad routine and replacing it with a good one will help treat your curls and recover their shape. 

Using heat tools and hot water, hair coloring or dye, chemical hair treatment, and bleaching are the worst things you can do with your curls.

To be honest, nothing will help in getting back your curls if the damage is great. Don’t worry; there is still a way; you can cut the end of your hair every two months and deep treat your curly hair with masks that contain protein to help your curls grow out of the damage. 

Health issues

Hair pattern and texture change sometimes as a sign of health issues. Usually, those issues are related to hormonal changes after pregnancy, taking birth control pills, during puberty, or because of long term medication.

When the curls go straight because of hormonal changes, you mustn’t take any advice from anyone. Just go to the specialist doctor to give you the right treatment for your case.

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