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What is Deep Conditioning Curly Hair, And How to do It?

The texture of curly and wavy hair prevents the natural oil from doing its job by coating the hair strands and keeping them moisturized, which leaves our poor curls dry and frizzy, but not if we deep condition constantly. It plays a major role in curly care to get healthy and shiny hair. 

Deep conditioning in the curly hair world means covering hair with thick conditioner for a while to penetrate the hair cuticles.

The positive charges in conditioner interact with the negative hair charges, which smooth the outermost layer of the hair and reduce the frizzy and flay-way hair and add flexibility to it. You may want to look at this interesting study about how deep conditioning can make hair moisture better.

deep conditioning make moisture penetrate the hair cuticle

How do you apply conditioner to curly hair?

It’s recommended to use a deep conditioner after a co-wash or shampoo on clean hair to remove all products build-ups and make sure that your hair will perfectly absorb the ingredients.

Others prefer to use it as a pre-poo before cleaning the hair, either on wet or dry hair, which may help detangle it, but I’m not sure if the conditioner ingredients will penetrate the hair any build-up. Here are Steps for deep conditioning curly hair:

  • Wash your hair by using co-wash or shampoo.
  • Rinse your hair with warm water; it may help to open the cuticle and allow the hair to absorb more conditioner. 
  • Apply enough conditioner, focus on the ends because it is the driest part of the hair, and keep it away from the roots to avoid weighing down the curls. 
  • Put a shower cap or a plastic bag on your hair; that also helps to far the cuticles a little bit from each other.
  • Let it on your hair for 10-30 minutes.
  • Rinse it well.

How often should you deep condition your curly hair?

It all depends on your curl’s needs and your experience. In general, I recommend deep conditioning the curly hair twice a week, but if your hair gets oily or looks limp and weighed down, then it’s better to do it once a week.

There’s no rule to rely on except your hair needs, but there are some situation forces you to deep condition your curly hair:

  • After swimming to treat the dryness caused by the chlorine or salt.
  • Your hair may look dry after clarifying, don’t skimp on it by deep conditioning.
  • Exposing hair to heat, whether you use heating tools or hot water, can strip all its moisture hair; you can restore moisture with a deep conditioning treatment.
  • Chemical processing, hair dye will increase the hair porous and make it prone to lose moisture, avoid that by applying a good deep conditioner on your curly hair.

Note: if you think that your hair needs protein, you can look for deep treatment with protein in its ingredients for better results.

Is deep conditioning necessary for curly hair?

Yes, deep conditioning is really necessary for curly hair; as I mentioned, curly hair is more prone to dry due to its formation. Deep conditioning will reduce dryness by imparting moisture to your hair, preventing breakage, and adding shine for healthy-looking curls.

Can you leave a deep conditioner in your hair overnight?

No, it’s not a good idea to leave a deep conditioner on your hair overnight, which will lead to many problems like over-moisturizing, and maybe hygral fatigue.

The longest time you can leave the deep conditioner on your hair is between 10 to 30 minutes to gain all the benefits from it. Putting it on for the longest time doesn’t mean your hair will be conditioned better; it’s just a way to get other problems.

What to avoid while deep conditioning?

For perfect results, there are some mistakes you should avoid before blaming the deep conditioner on bad hair look after applying it: 

  • Don’t glob it onto the roots of your hair. That will flatten them and weigh your curls down.
  • Don’t overdo it.
  • Don’t skip it when you think your hair needs more moisturizing.
  • Don’t use unsuitable deep conditioners; you should always listen to what your hair tells you about its needs.

What is the difference between a conditioner and deep conditioner products?

A number of deep conditioning products for natural hair
A number of deep conditioning products for natural hair

They are similar in terms of the goal (moisturizing hair), but they differ in composition. The main difference you can notice after taking a look for both conditioner and deep conditioner is that the last one is thicker because it contains heavy ingredients, which need a longer treatment time of up to 30 minutes to penetrate the hair cuticle.

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