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How To Do Finger Coils On Curly Hair

Finger coils on natural hair are a home-made hair styling method, as you don’t need expensive hairdressing tools like those found in salons.

As the name of this method indicates, here you will only rely on your fingers to create an amazing hairstyle for your curly hair.

Hairstyling with finger coils is very common among people with brown skin, and the reason is due to the spread of this method of styling in ancient African beliefs and civilizations from which it gradually spread to other countries and continents.

What distinguishes this method is that it can keep the new look of your curly hair for a long time compared to other hair styling methods, as it may last for several weeks.

Now let’s jump to the finger coil steps and how to do this styling method for different types of curly hair, and the tools (other than your fingers) that you need while performing this method.

How to do finger coils on natural curly hair step by step

Please note that the steps of doing a finger coils hairstyle are the same on all types of curly hair, except that the time it takes to do them depends on the length and density of the hair.

brown skin girl hold and roll hair coils with her finger

Step 1: Start with clean, well-moisturized, and conditioned curly hair

It is important to know that this method of styling hair is time-consuming. Taking a wash shower for hair to cleanse product build-up is a necessary step here, in addition to the importance of moisturizing for the success of the finger-coil styling method.

Step 2: Comb and detangle hair

Doing this step when the hair is wet enough will make it easy to move on to the next steps. First, detangle your strands with both hands, and then with a comb, brush it over the hair from roots to ends.

Step 3: Divide your hair into several sections

Splitting the hair into different sections will facilitate the task of making finger coils on natural hair, any type of curly hair clips can be used to mark the sections.

Step 4: start making coils with your fingers

This step needs a lot of patience, and it depends a lot on your personal preference. Many people recommend that you specify the width of the coils by 1 inch, it is up to you.

In case you want a lot of volume on your curly hair, start from the back of your head section and gather small strands and start wrapping them on your finger from root to the ends and gradually tighten them as you do so.

Step 5: complete coiling the rest of the other sections of your hair

After you finish wrapping fingers on the first section of your hair, you can complete the task on the remaining sections of your hair.

It is important to make sure that there is sufficient moisture, so make sure you have a spray bottle of water beside you to moisturize the sections of your hair.

Step 6: dry finger coils using a diffuser

After the finger coils are done, you should dry the hair with a diffuser, it can also be left to dry naturally, but it may take forever.

Step 7: Add your own refreshing choice to finger coils on your natural hair

Before refreshing your natural hair, make sure to dry it completely before doing that. You can also loosen the thicker finger coils into thinner coils, but this should be done very gently.

As simple as this hair styling method is, it may take a very long time depending on the density or length of your hair. Except that the results you will get – let me tell you – are well worth it.

How long do finger coils last on natural hair?

It can last from a week to two weeks or more, it also depends on how you did them correctly in the first place and on how you care for the finger coils on natural hair during your daily routine.

Among important steps for finger coils on natural hair to last longer are loosen them carefully when hair is dry, and take care of them constantly during bedtime.

finger coils on natural hair night routine

Caring while sleeping with finger coils is no different from the night care routine for curly hair, but there is one exception.

In case that the finger coils are short and very tight, you can fix their ends with hairpins and then wear a sleeping bonnet from the back and place the finger coils gently within it. You can watch the following video to help you with that:

This is what we have so far about finger coils on naturally curly hair, and as a final note, I urge people with straight hair to stop trying this hairstyle for transforming their hair to curly because it won’t change the nature of their hair at all and won’t get the desired results.

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