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Hair Loss While Following The Curly Girl Method

Many girls in the curly hair community have chatted on social media about the association of the curly girl method with hair loss.

These conversations cause panic among girls who are new to caring for naturally curly hair and about changes that may occur to their hair, and of course, hair density or hair loss problems always take priority in these topics.

Drawing on the science of hair that we follow on our site, we will answer the most frequently asked questions about the relationship of the curly girl method to hair loss and the possible causes associated with it.

Does the Curly Girl Method cause hair loss?

There is no definitive link between hair loss and the curly girl method; hair loss in general is a very natural condition that there is no need to worry about unless skin problems and diseases are associated with it, in both cases, there is no relationship between it and the curly girl method.

But hey, we haven’t given a clear answer yet! Why didn’t girls experience this condition of hair loss previously before going with the curly girl method?

This is a result of changes in the rules and the care routine for curls, including moving away from combing the hair or touching the hair while it is dry and other tips that often lead to eventually noticing hair shedding during wash day only!

According to The New England Journal of Medicine, the scalp contains approximately one hundred thousand hairs, about ninety percent of which are in the growth phase, but in the stage of hair loss, the rate can reach more than a hundred hairs per day.

Why is my curly hair thinning out after following the Curly Girl Method?

Hair loss may be the most common reason when considering thinning hair, but it is not the only one. Hair breakage and dryness when the balance between moisture and protein is imbalanced may be one of the factors that might be misleading to think of it as hair loss from the scalp.

On the other hand, there are medical conditions such as alopecia or others that are considered hereditary diseases that need follow-up from the specialist doctor.

Whatever your thinking and worries about your curly hair loss, you don’t need to worry at all. Naturally, the curl patterns work to get the falling hair stuck and not noticeable in the shower, so it appears as instantaneous hair loss from your scalp.

It should be noted that the previous talk on the subject of falling out differs significantly from straight hair, as mentioned due to the curly hair pattern.

It should also be noted that the curly girl method works to determine the texture of curly hair and works to increase its curls more, and regardless of the healthy appearance that will appear on it, the hair Shedding from the hair will not be noticed easily except at the time of the shower often.

How do you tell if you’re starting to lose hair?

Hair loss or “baldness” has clear signs that indicate it when it exceeds the normal stage, and according to Healthline, these are the most prominent signs of hair loss:

  • Overall thinning: Gradual thinning on the top of the head is the most common type of hair loss. It affects both men and women. While men tend to see a receding hairline, women generally notice that their part broadens.
  • Bald spots: They may be circular or patchy. They may resemble coins in size and usually appear on the scalp. Your skin may even feel itchy or painful immediately before the hair falls out.
  • Handfuls of hair: You may experience very sudden hair loss, particularly after emotional or physical trauma. The hair may come out quickly while you’re washing or combing it, leading to overall thinning.
  • Full loss: In some medical situations, particularly with medical treatments like chemotherapy, you may notice hair loss suddenly and all over your body at once.

No matter how many hairs fall out from you per day or week, your condition cannot be compared with others, and specialist advice about hair or scalp problems is always the best solution in such cases.

How can I stop my curly hair from falling out when following the Curly Girl Method?

When talking about the curly girl method and hair loss, it must be noted that the natural state of hair loss that we are one of the causes of its occurrence may occur as a result of the habits that we practice on the scalp.

Hair falling out in the shower
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These practices and habits are basics to the curly girl method or any hair routine that aims to strengthen hair strands and get healthy hair; for example, it is necessary to choose the right hair conditioner (or curly hair products in general) that is free of harmful substances.

Also, make sure to clarify our curly hair and not neglect it; why? Neglecting this important step will lead to a products build-up on the scalp, and thus insufficient moisture and other beneficial elements to reach the hair.

Last but not least, detangle curls with your fingers, not using a comp, especially when the hair is wet on wash day. This step, in turn, will work to get rid of the hair that has been falling and sticking to your hair since the last wash day.

As for the medical cases in which a doctor is consulted, it is not possible to suggest general therapeutic drugs and read them on the Internet as simple as that. The use of some products that contain a type of vitamin that strengthens hair follicles in some cases or other treatment methods may be prescribed.

How long does it take for hair to adjust to the Curly Girl Method?

About 30 days, then it will be enough to know if there is a correlation between the curly girl method and hair loss; why did I say that?

Because it is possible that you are using hair products (conditioner or deep conditioner and others) that are not suitable for your hair nature and that ultimately lead to problems in your hair. Then you can tell when normal hair loss can be misleading for curly-haired girls.

Using protein, deep conditioning, or other methods or products aimed at strengthening hair (as needed) will also be important to know when hair shedding is normal or not.

As we mentioned in most of our previous articles, if there are scalp problems such as scalp irritation or other problems, they should be solved by consulting a dermatologist before following any natural hair care routine.


Often new girls who follow the curly girl method (or those who stand against the method) associate their hair loss with the curly girl method. Especially after sharing their experiences after a day of washing hair in the shower and seeing a pile of loose hair strands.

In the paragraphs of our article, we have repeatedly emphasized, “There is no definitive link between hair loss and the curly girl method.” Rather, any side causes that may have a role in this loss must be tracked, such as the products used or drugs are taken during this period, not to mention that Daily hair loss is estimated to be about 50 to more than 100 hairs per day.

Finally, let’s not forget that the curly girl method routine was created to have a healthy look for our hair, not work on damaging it or falling out, staying away from superstitions, and staying normal.

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