What is High Porosity, And How to Treat it in Curly Hair?

High porosity is one of the types of hair porosity. In curly hair, it is easily noticeable due to common problems associated with hair.

Constant frizziness parties in your curls and all your efforts to control it have failed. You give a lot of moisture and protein to your hair, hoping to achieve a healthy hair look and get rid of breakage, and that didn’t help you.

Please don’t be upset; maybe this time it isn’t your fault; it’s your genes, which give you high hair porosity. Unfortunately, your hair won’t retain moisture and is prone to breakage easily.

All evidence points to high porosity in your curly hair, and when you know how to treat it, it should control that frizziness party. You have to treat it like a baby by giving it the right amount of moisture to prevent it from absorbing extra unwanted moisture and use products that help to seal it in the hair. 

The outer layer of hair, called cuticles, is far from each other in high hair porosity. Hence, hair absorbs a significant amount of moisture and water, but because of those separate cuticles, hair can’t seal the moisture in it for a long time; as a result, the curly hair will get dry and frizzy fastly.

Sings may tell you that your hair is high porosity

The difference between high, low and medium porosity is in moisture absorption and excretion.

There are too many tests to determine the hair porosity, but most of them are not scientific. Instead, we can depend on some characteristics that high hair porosity has. Because you should know which porosity is your curly hair to give it needs. Here are the signs that will help you to know more about your hair priorities:

  • Absorb water and products quickly: due to the separate hair cuticles, the hair will absorb liquids quickly; you can notice that when you start hair washing, it won’t be a challenging task to make your curls wet. 
  • Air-drys / diffuses quickly: as mentioned, absorbing liquid fastly and losing them fastly. Curly hair drying won’t take a lot of your time, but that will let you face a big battle with dryness.
  • Tends to be frizzy: as an expected result, frizziness is the best friend of dry curly hair. 
  • Prone to breakage easily: also, one of the worst features that high hair porosity has is its quick bracket, that’s because the hair is so weak and dry.
  • fine and weak hair get tangles easily 
  • A dull look is a usual look for high hair porosity that’s because of dryness.

How to take care of high hair porosity in curly hair

This type of porosity needs special care because it has many problems due to its inability to retain moisture, which makes it suffer from dryness and breakage. Fortunately, some tips would help replace dull looks of high hair porosity with a healthy and shiny look.

choose the right products 

Products that contain protein – which is the main hair component- is the best choice to give the hair some strength. Also, products with oils and butter are good to help in sealing moisture in the hair. 

use anti humectants

Anti-humectants products will help prevent your hair from soaking up the air humidity and reducing your curls’ frizziness. Most anti humectants contain silicon(water repellent) and wax, so if you follow CGM, read the ingredients before and use anti humectants that contain oil and butter.

Try the LOC method

This method is a perfect way to seal moisture into your hair and is made especially for that purpose. The LOC method refers to Liquid, Oil, Cream that logical products order is to make sure that your hair is moisturized by applying liquid (leave-in, water) there using oil to lock moisture in your hair then cream (butter, for example) will ensure that the moisture won’t leak out. 

Brush your hair the right way

Too many mistakes that curly hair people make lead to hair breakage and split ends, but those mistakes will affect high hair porosity because of the hair weakness. Here are tips to follow in hair brushing:

  •  Don’t brush your hair here when it’s dry: this is the worst thing you can ever do to your hair, whatever your hair porosity is. But when we talk about high porosity, it will mean more hair damage and breakage, so DON’T ever do that.
  •  Brush your hair on the shower after applying conditioner or leave-in conditioner.
  •  Use your finger to detangle hair before brushing.
  • Brush your hair starting from the ends to get the roots, so the comb or brush won’t stick in your hair. 

What causes high porosity 

Genes are the main ones responsible for your hair porosity type. If high hair porosity is common in your family, then it’s likely that you have high porosity (before judging, make sure that your hair has all the mentioned porosity features). Many other factors lead to increased hair porosity like hair coloring, bleaching, chemical process, and heat. You have to avoid them all to keep your hair healthy without damage.

So is high porosity good or bad

The answer depends on how you treat your curly hair. High hair porosity is not bad unless you follow a harsh routine (use heat tools, chemical processes, etc.). But if you follow a routine that gives your curly hair its needs, you can get a great result and take advantage of your hair’s quick moisture absorbing, which won’t make the task of moisturizing hard or take more time like low hair porosity.

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  1. HELP! I have had naturally curly hair all my life. It is now going straight. It also is getting thin and falling out a lot. The color is gone from auburn to blackish/white gray! I am 82 years old and am concerned about my problem. My hair has always been a blessing. HELP!

    1. With advancing age and entering the menopause stage for women, hormonal changes occur that lead to hair loss and affect its nature.
      The advice that should be followed is taking care of your food, consulting a doctor to find out if you need to take nutritional supplements, and finally, caring for hair moisturizing and using protein treatments products.
      And may I ask you, what hair-care routine are you following?

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