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How To Diffuse Curly Hair Step-by-step [Beginner’s Guide]

Drying curly hair is a long and tedious process, which avoiding taking care of its steps will be even more possible. Neglect is manifested in this process by using a regular air dryer directly on curls or even letting the curly hair dry naturally!

From here comes the diffuser’s role, which can be installed on an air dryer (according to its type or size), and the benefits will be getting from it are more significant than it looks. These benefits can be summarized in two words: no-frizz and volume.

Diffuse curly hair will not help reach any curly girl dream (as we mentioned before) without carefully following the steps. And trust me on this, taking care of curly in routines with diffusing it after showers will achieve impressive results that ignite jealousy in the heart of any other girl who looks at your hair.

The importance of diffuse curly hair

Before mentioning the benefits of diffuse curly hair, the harmful effect of heat on the hair should be addressed here because it can damage curly hair for the long term, and with or without a diffuser, in this case, will make no difference. Keep that in mind, give attention to the dryer’s heat and speed, and use the suitable diffuser for your curly type will lead you to the required result.

The different types of curly hair dryer diffuser
The different types of curly hair dryer diffuser

The way the diffuser is designed to distribute the air and heat from the hairdryer and reduce the direct effect on the hair will help dry curly hair appropriately compared to using the other accessories that come with a hairdryer.

Using a diffuser while drying hair will save a lot of time compared to letting curls dry naturally by air, also using this method gives hair more volume and disputes the concern about frizz problem.

How to diffuse curly hair step by step

step-by-step guide to diffuse curly hair

Before we start explaining the steps in advance, it should be noted that some steps may differ in their implementation, depending on the styling method or personal desire. The last thing is to be careful to set the hairdryer temperature on cold air and reduce its speed to the middle.

Step 0: prepare your hair before using the diffuser

While your hair is still wet, styling products should be used in or after the shower; this will help minimize frizz and keep your hair soft. Also, during this step, any hair strands can be tangled up easily.

Step 1: use a microfiber towel or cotton t-shirt on hair

This step aims to absorb any extra water or styling products left on curls; this will also help reduce frizz later. Two popular methods can be used here. The first one is a plopping method that can help thick curly hair, and it might be used for an amount of time. The second one is by warping hair and squeeze out the remaining water without rubbing a towel on the hair strands.

Step 2: Use clips to lift hair at the roots 

Using clips to lift curls at their roots can help in creating volume for hair. The downside, however, is that it requires extra care when removing it. Although this sounds very logical, the clips’ small size can lead to them being ignored, forgotten, or even tangled in hair, which can lead to frizz.

Step 3: start using a diffuser on the roots of curls

The key to this step is how to apply a diffuser on curly hair, as the ends of curly strands should be placed in a diffuser bowl, Then moving the diffuser closer to the head to get air flowing to the roots. This step may seem complicated, but it is easier than you think, do not overthink it, apply the steps and target large sections of hair instead of focusing on small locks of hair and wasting a lot of time on it.

Step 4: Hang your head upside down or side while diffusing.

During diffuse curls, lean your head to the side, which will help roots dry faster. And to add extra volume, flip your hair upside down. Keep that in mind if curls are not completely dry, DO NOT touch them with your hand to avoid ruin strands styling and texture.

Extra step: try scrunch out the crunch method after diffusing

This step is dedicated to removing the gel or mousse cast after applying these products to the hair when the drying stage is 100% completed as their texture becomes stiff on the hair. Scrunch out the crunch method will help in increasing the volume of curly hair slightly.

The problems you are likely to face after diffusing curly hair

Although using a diffuser helps improve your curly hair condition, misuse of it can lead to other problems that you have to solve later, or it could cause long-term damage.

frizzing problem

Failure to adjust the correct hairdryer settings while diffusing -especially for curly hair- will cause a frizz problem. It is always recommended to go Low and Slow before using the dryer, which refers to using cool heat rather than hot or warm while setting a slow speed for the airflow from the dryer.

curls with the destroyed formation

After a long day of drying, you might be surprised that your curly hair has lost its formation and that you may try having it after your fresh shower. That is primarily due to the diffuser’s direction horizontally on the hair, which leads directly to flat braids, especially on the top of the head. So it is always recommended to turn your hair upside down and dry the roots of the hair first and then the ends of the braids from the bottom up to get the perfect airflow to reach the roots of your scalp.

Drying curls without a diffuser, things you must know

After a long talk about the benefits of a diffuser, many other subtle details have not yet been discussed. I will give you a simple example: leaving the hair to dry naturally for a certain time and then using the dryer diffuser or not relying on the dryer diffuser altogether because it does not give the results desired and many other examples.

Not using a dryer diffuser may make you a victim of the wasted time here waiting for your curly locks to dry on their own. Also, keep in mind that the thicker the hair, the more time it will last for your hair to dry completely.

In short, every girl dreams of gorgeous and beautiful curly hair. You have to experiment and try to find the method that works for your hair. We put general recommendations such as avoiding heat or other so that the rest of the details relate to how you personally deal with your curly hair and know the best way to care for it. It just depends on you.

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