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How To Get More Volume For Curly Hair [Tips & Tricks]

Fluffy big hair is the dream for most curly girls. While some of us get volume naturally it could be an elusive goal for others especially for those with low density.

other times maybe volume costs you your curls definition. Fortunately, some tricks can help you to get volume curly hair.

How to get volume in curly hair?

Whether you have wavy, curly, coily, or kinky hair you can fit those tips to be a part of your routine. 

Try plopping method

The weight of water and products on hair after washing it may pull the curls down and reduce the volume.

plopping method is great to absorb all the excess water by wrapping the microfiber towel in a certain way, which helps in increasing curly hair volume.

Try some diffusing tricks

Using a diffuser instead of air-drying can give you more curly hair volume, but you should know some tricks to get perfect results.

The most important rule to get big curly hair is to start drying your hair roots firstly, this trick will keep them from flattening on your head.

step-by-step guide to diffuse curly hair
The basic steps for drying curly hair with a diffuser

The second trick after making sure that your roots are dried well you have to start with your curls, try to move your head from side to side while you dry your hair, and upside down your head to get more and more curly hair volume.

scrunch out the crunch

After applying styling products especially (gel and mouse) you will feel a crunchy feeling in your curls, scrunching those crunchy curls out will give you more volume. But before that, you should make sure that your hair is totally dry.

Choose the right cut

if you have long thick hair it may add more weight to the roots and that reduces the volume noticeably.

So you can try to cut your hair into two or more layers of different lengths, more layers mean more volume. If you don’t like to go to the barber you can try a unicorn cut by yourself at home.  

How to add volume to my curly roots?

Use curly hair pick

A hair pick is the most important tool for all curly girls who want more volume. To get more volume you should pick your hair a little bit from the roots and don’t comb your hair from roots to end because that will cause frizzy and undefined curls.

Shake your curls out

After your hair is completely dry you need to shake your curls out with your fingers to get that pretty hair volume. 

Clip at the roots

Using clips to up the curls from the roots is a helpful trick to lift up the hair and give curly hair more volume.

After washing your hair apply your styling products then grab a small section from the top of your hair and put a clip on the root of that section, repeat this process until you lift all the hair on the top of your head.

Finally, you can air-dry or diffuse your hair, but don’t remove those clips before your hair completely dries.

Habits that reduce curly hair volume

Sometimes you don’t need to do anything to get more curly hair volume you just should avoid some habits which reduce your hair volume, so let’s know more about habits to avoid them:

Using too many products / or too much of each product

overuse of products will add more weight to your curls and make them stick to your head. So if you try to get curly hair volume just use a suitable amount of products.

Ignoring clarifying

overtime products may accumulate on your scalp and hair strands to make product build-up, and that will make your hair feel sticky without volume, so to avoid all the build-up effects and get more curly hair volume, clarify your hair constantly when it needs to. 

Ignoring protecting your hair at night

sleeping on your curls and hair follicles will flatten them and lead to a loss of volume. To avoid that you can do some steps before bedtime like pineapple your hair.

Applying styling products on the roots

this one of the most common mistakes that curly girls do, because putting products on the roots will make your curls stick to your hair and reduce volume.

The right way to apply styling products is to start with the ends and avoid putting the products on the roots.

How to style curly hair to get more volume?

Through the following steps, I tried to collect the article tips in a way that makes you use them in an organized manner to increase the volume of curly hair:

  1. Wash your hair and apply styling products while your head upside down.
  2. Apply styling products on your hair and avoid putting them on the roots.
  3. Clips at the roots of your curls.
  4. Start diffusing your roots, then move your head from side to side and upside down to dry the rest of your hair.
  5. After your hair is totally dry scrunch out the crunch.
  6. Finally, lift your hair gently from the roots by a hair pick, then shake it out.

Getting more volume for curly hair may be very easy when your hair is dry or frizzy, but we have provided practical tips and steps to get a natural, healthy look and shine to your curly hair.

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