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How to Sleep With Curly Hair Without Damaging It?

Knowing how to sleep with curly hair is a complicated task for some. Mostly, pretty spiral curls turned into frizzy and messy hair because most of us don’t give our curls the required care at night, thinking we can maintain curls defined just by buying good products. But in reality, many other factors affect our curls definition, like ignoring to protect them while sleeping.  

That ignoring will put you in a fight after you wake up; some girls resort to washing their hair every day, trying to get the best look to their curls, while others just put their hair in a bun to hide the mess. Whereas, the simplest way to keep your curls’ shape is to know how to sleep with curly hair.

Use satin or silk pillowcase

Satin and silk are soft fibers, unlike other fabrics such as cotton, which increase friction and absorb hair oils and moisture, leading to dry messy hair. So using a satin/ silk pillowcase will minimize friction that makes our curls lose their shape. If a satin or silk pillowcase is difficult to get, you can use your mom’s satin skirt or pants as a pillow cover, but make sure she won’t know that to save your life.

Wear a satin or silk hair bonnet or headscarf

silk hair bonnet
silk hair bonnet

Gathering your hair in a bonnet or headscarf will protect curls from crushing and rubbing against your bedding. If your hair is long enough, I suggest you pineapple it before putting on a bonnet or headscarf for extra protection and getting your curls in shape in the morning. Covering hair in this way will protect curls and keep them defined. 

Use Flexi Rods

This kind of hair rollers is the most comfortable one during sleep. So you can style your curls using them before bedtime to get defined curls without frizzy the next morning. To use them, follow those instructions:

  • divide your hair into sections as small or large in the way you like your curls to look. 
  • Then wrap sections of your hair around each soft rod.
  • Bend the roller into a U-shape to hold it in place.
  • Put silk or satin bonnet for more protection. 

How to protect your curly hair while you sleep using hairstyles?

Pineapple your hair

The Pineapple method is a hairstyle that looks like pineapple fruit. This hairstyle will prevent you from crushing your curls during sleep and keep curls defined for the next day. It can be done by following easy steps:

  • Flip your head upside down, then gather your hair and tie braids loosely over your head near the forehead.
  • Use a scrunchie covered fabric or spiral hair tie to keep your hair from breakage. And after getting pineapple formation, make sure it is loose enough. 

Braiding hair

Braiding hair
Braiding hair

This method is more suitable for wavy hair than curly one because the braids from hair to look wavy. This method gathers all the hair, reduces friction to the minimalist, prevents breakage, and keeps your hair structured while you sleep.

The good point about braids is that there are different results you can obtain from it depending on the way or method you are braiding your hair.

Mini braids: tighter mini braids will add more of a crimp.

French braid: one french Baird prevents hair from friction and gives wide waves. 

Steps help you in getting a better result from braiding hair: 

  • spritz some water on your hair.
  • Apply some leave-in on your wet hair.
  • Apply some gel or mousse if you want to.
  • Braid your hair.
  • Put on a satin headscarf, or sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase.

Bantu knots hairstyle

Bantu knots hairstyle
Bantu knots hairstyle

This method is considered a styling method, but we can use it to protect hair during sleep because it keeps curls defined and frizz-free the next morning. To make a Bantu knot follow the steps:

  • Firstly it’s better to apply some leave-in on your wet hair.
  • Then make a small or large hair section to get the required results (wide or tight curls), twist each section from root to tip.
  • Wind the twist into a taut coil that won’t easily budge at the base and secure each with a bobby pin.
  • Finally, put on a satin or silk headscarf or bonnet to reduce friction. 

Two-Strand Twist hairstyle

Two-Strand Twist hairstyle
Two-Strand Twist hairstyle

I recommended this method for wavy and coily hair; it’s more suitable for them than curly hair and easier than braids and helps protect hair at night. To do this method, follow the steps:

  • Start with it by making two equal sections of your hair.
  • Divide each one into two sections too.
  • Twist the two sections around each other from roots to ends, and secure each with a spiral hair tie.
  • Finally, put on a satin silk headscarf or bonnet to reduce friction. It’s better to use this method on wet hair.

How to sleep with curly hair while it’s wet?

Most advice that every curly girl hears is not to sleep with wet hair; that’s right when you don’t know how to protect wet curly hair at night because you will end up with a disaster on the opposite case your head next morning. Fortunately, there are many easy ways to deal with your wet hair while you sleep:

Plopping method

Plopping is a way to dry your hair and get more defined and frizz-free curls by wrapping your hair with a microfiber towel or cotton T-shirt for 20-30 minutes or all over the night. To polo your hair after washing it and apply all styling products, as usual, follow the steps:

  • Lay the T-shirt/ microfiber on a flat surface, and it could be a chair or bed.
  • Flip your hair forward, and put it in the center of the towel.
  • Bring the top of the T-shirt toward your head, wrap it around the rest of your hair, and bring the sleeves down and around the back of your neck.
  • Twist the extra length of the shirt/ towel around the front and tie the ends into a knot.

Above that, you can use some of the previously mentioned hairstyles or methods (except the pineapple method) to sleep with wet curly hair.

Note: it is not recommended to sleep with damp hair always, according to Healthline wet hair can create an ideal environment for Fungal infections to grow such as Malasizzea which causes dandruff, also sleeping with wet hair may cause hair breakage because when the hair is wet it’s weaker and more prone to breakage. Above that, sleeping with wet hair is one of the main causes of hygral fatigue

but all of us can go through a busy day, it’s possible to use the previous method, in this case, to sleep with wet hair when you take a late shower at night, keep it in mind to avoid doing the method when it’s not necessary and instead dry curls before sleep.


Whether your hair is dry or wet, knowing how to sleep with curly hair may not be enough the next morning. It’s not about doing things the wrong way; it’s about determining a good sleep routine followed by some methods to enhance curl’s shape and hair formation.

One of those methods is called refreshing, which, as its name suggests, can refresh your curls by spraying them with a water bottle mixed with some gel and leave-in. And for other details related to it, wait for our dedicated article about it.

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