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Make Wavy Hair More Curly, is This Possible?!

Some girls wish to change their hair type from wavy to curly or vice versa. There are different reasons for this. Some of them want to change their appearance, while others are looking to make hair caring easier. 

The good news is it’s possible to achieve that by doing some tips or following routines for a while. Still, some sad faces will start showing up after realizing they can’t determine their hair type correctly because it changes after suffering significant damage in the long run. And that’s why it becomes a difficult mission to choose the perfect care routine for their hair no matter what is wavy or curly in the end.

Chemical treatments, heat, and hair color dyes have a significant role in hair formation, leading to a change in the real hair type’s general appearance, followed by wrong care routines we may take due to not understanding what’s going on hair strands. It’s important to know that there is no perfect way to change hair type completely. Regardless of the nature of your hair or the amount of damage it suffered, the genetic traits cannot be manipulated whenever we want.

Wavy or curly hair? How to Determine your hair type?

It is known that there are four types of hair textures, gradually from straight hair to coils, and between them, there is wavy and curly hair. As mentioned previously, knowing the exact type of hair may be difficult if there is significant damage to the hair.

different types of hair
the different types of hair

In general, wavy hair has S-shaped with slight curves, and it looks more apparent if the hair is healthy and natural. While curly hair has to be a semi-circle or loop pattern, at least to say it is a curly type.

Some recommend to shower and let hair dry without using any hair care product, and accordingly to this, it is possible to know the hair texture type after looking at the shape of the hair, whether it is wavy, curly, or others. This method may not be suitable because if your hair is badly damaged, you will never know your hair type based on it.

The best way to determine your hair type, whether it is wavy or curly, requires you to follow a healthy routine for the long run. Like, follow necessary steps in any hair care routine, avoiding heat or chemical treatment, and harmful ingredients in products. Results may take from a week to months; it depends on hair damage in some way. 

Can wavy hair get curly?

Do you like old childhood pictures? What if you searched for it again and looked at your hair? The nature of your hair in childhood may help in informing you of the result you may get later after applying steps of a healthy routine that we recommend to follow whether you want your hair to become curlier or not.

Bad Habits and damage, when these factors are gone,  your hair will look healthier. Straight hair might be naturally wavy. Also, wavy one might convert overtime to look curlier, the secret in avoiding any factor affecting hair texture formation, which we will talk about in a separate article.

Tips to make wavy hair more curlier

It may sound very repetitive, but trust me, the results you will get are more useful than you think. That also will help you in protecting your hair in the long run regardless if you get curly hair or not. Let’s start now with these tips:

Follow healthy hair care routine

Sometimes your wavy strands hide beautiful curls behind it. That usually happens because of following the wrong routine and applying horrible mistakes with your hair. Hence, as a result, your hair starts damaging, losing its healthy, shiny look and its type too. 

Fortunately, giving up those bad habits and starting with a health care routine that focuses on your hair needs will help it recover its formation. CGM is a clear example of a healthy routine that gives excellent results for many, but it may take a long time to give you good results. Also, the products you may use through it should be suitable for your hair porosity type. It all depends on your damaging hair level, be patient to gain the required wavy/ curly look.

Cut damaged hair

Cutting wavy hair will not make it curlier, but other than that, it could help in enhancing curl pattern after getting rid of damaged ends of hair strands. It will also make your hair bouncier and springier. You should note that when virgin curls start growing from its roots, but keep that in mind, your final result is linked to your curls type and the way you are caring for it.

Use curly hair rollers

Hair rollers are an ideal and healthy solution to make wavy hair curly, and there are numerous different types of them according to the type and nature of your hair. For wavy and curly hair, the best rollers you can get and use are bendy rollers.

The effective way to use hair rollers is when your hair strands are moderated in their moisture; then, you should wait for your hair to dry completely after using them. Unfortunately, the curls you can get from rollers will not last for long. Still, it is a beneficial and practical solution if you want to get a faster result for a short time compared to following a healthy routine for the long run.

Didn’t get success at making wavy hair curly? So what is the solution?

In case you are tired of trying to have perfect curly hair. Unfortunately, this will not be something that can be achieved from one day to another. Especially if there is significant damage to the hair and the problem is not solved from the roots, then do not hope or pray for quick results after that.

Personally, I advise you to find the right routine for your hair and stick to it; whether you want to convert your wavy hair into curly hair or not, the healthy routine will add shine and a healthy look to your hair, as there will be no losing side after this step.

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