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3 Proven Methods to Refresh Curly Hair After Wash Day

After a long hair washing time, you finally get that desired hair look with shiny, defined curls. But disappointment will be the next day, where your curls won’t be the same as wash day, and that’s on many factors such as not protecting your hair during sleep or maybe because of weather.

Surely you don’t like to spend your time in the shower, so daily hair washing isn’t the right solution here. All you want is a dose of vitally by refreshing it to get over frizzy hair and regain your hair definition.

Method 1: water is all you need to refresh your curly hair

Yes, water is all you need, and it’ll work perfectly just if you applied enough amount of each product to your curls on washing day. Water will reactivate styling products that are already in your hair and add more hydration to your hair. To use this method, follow the steps:

Step 1: divide your hair into sections.

Step 2: Apply some water on the first section; you can use a spray bottle or just put some water on your hand, then scrunch out the curls, repeat that with the rest sections.

Step 3: let your hair dry naturally, or you can diffuse it.


Method 2: Restley-Refresh

If the first method didn’t work for you, maybe your hair need to apply more of each styling products, so in this case, you need ( leave-in, gel or mousse and water for sure or any styling products that you used to use), then follow the following steps:

Step 1: divide your hair into sections.

Step 2: Apply some water on your hair with a spray bottle or just by your hands, and make sure that your curls are wet enough. 

Step 3: put some leave-in on your palm and mix it with some water. Then scrunch out your curls. (you can skip this step if you think that your hair don’t need moisturizing) 

Step 4: Apply some gel or mousse (you can use both if you want) on your hair by scrunching.

Step 5: repeat all the mentioned steps in each section.

Step 6: let your hair dry naturally, or you can use a diffuser.


Method 3: Restyle-Refresh in a hurry

It’s like the previous method, but it saves more time. You will probably find different results by trying each of them, as the most appropriate method is determined based on the results. To use this method, follow the steps:

Step 1: in a spray bottle, mix some water with a little bit of ( leave-in, gel, or mousse, or you can use them both). Then shake the spray bottle well to make sure that all the products blended well.

Step 2: divide your hair into sections.

Step 3: Spray each section, then scrunch each one after spraying.

Step 4:  let your hair dry naturally, or you can use a diffuser.


Why refresh curly hair not giving you the required results?

Sometimes, bad habits can lead to unwanted results, even if you follow the previous steps to the letter. Other times, maybe all you need is to make some changes in your routine, even if it works out for others or perhaps with you for some time. But what you have to know is that your hair needs change over time, so is it with your routine and products. These are some advice to help you get better refreshing results:

  • Protect your hair during sleep: yes, you can fix frizzy, undefined curls that are caused because of not protecting your hair during sleep by refreshing. But sadly and surely you won’t be able to fix them after the damage which happens over time because of this bad habit.
  • Try a different styling method: I mentioned the scrunch method in the previous steps. But you can try another one, especially if you have some undefined and frizzy strands. Some styling methods help you to control that hair strands beside the refreshing, such as: 


Denman brush: I recommend to use it after applying enough water mixed with leave-in to avoid hair breakage.

Finger coiling: you can finger coil all your hair, but surely that will take more time; instead, just focus on undefined curls. Then scrunch the rest of your hair.

Using Flexi rods: if finger coiling didn’t work well or you don’t know how to do it. Roll undefined curls on a Flexi rod and wait for it till it dry.


Why does refreshing reduce your hair volume? 

Actually, not refreshing itself reduces your hair volume, but some wrong steps you may do while refreshing should be avoided. The main two reasons that led to that problem are:

  • Spraying the hair roots: this will make the hair stick to the scalp. Also, the hair will take a longer time to dry.
  • Using too much of each product or using too many products: I already mentioned that your hair already contains washing day products. So you have to be careful while you add products in refreshing because too much of them will weigh curls down. 

If you want to increase the volume, you can use a useful trick using a pick brush. Just pick up your hair from the scalp a little bit, but first, make sure that your hair is dry before doing that.


Refreshing will help you maintain the defined shiny look of your curls for the next wash. That will be useful, especially in winter. But if you feel that your hair is starting to smell bad, and refreshing won’t give the same good results, that means it’s bath time.

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