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What Is Pre-poo And How To Do It In The Right Way

Pre-poo is one of the brightest methods that has appeared and still useful for many curly girls, and it’s rare to find curly hair girls who have not heard about this method.

However, if you hear about it or not you this article will give you all the needed information about the pre-poo method to use it whatever your hair type. 

What is pre-poo for curly hair?

Pre-poo is a method to apply a protective treatment on hair before shampooing it, and we can realize its meaning by its name; pre means before, and poo is a common abbreviation in curly hair work for shampoo.

The treatments used in this method could be oil, cream, butter, or products made, especially for this method; those substances help create a protective layer coat the hair, which prevents the shampoo from stripping the natural hair oil and ending up with dry hair.

How to pre-poo curly hair?

You can pre-poo either when your hair is wet or dry; just try both of those cases and rely on your results to determine the suitable one for your hair; also, some people prefer not to apply oil or other pre-poo treatment on their roots to prevent them from sticking to the scalp.

Step 1: Divide your hair into sections

To ensure that the oil is evenly disturbed all over the hair, it’s better to divide your curly hair into sections.

Step 2: Apply the treatment/oil on your hair

Put some drops of oil on your palm, then apply it on one of the sections, and repeat that for the rest of your hair sections.

Step 3: Detangle your hair

After applying the oil or any other pre-poo treatment, it’ll be easier to detangle your hair, and you can use your finger or a wide-tooth comb.

Step 4: Wash your hair

Leave the oil on your hair at least for 30 minutes or overnight, then wash it with your shampoo and do the rest of your curly hair routine as usual.

What should I use to pre-poo my curly hair?

Oils are the most common pre-poo, but there are many other substance and recipes to use for pre-pooing; here are some of them:

Pre-poo oil for curly hair

The primary function of oil here is to coat the hair strands and protect them; almost all kinds of oils will do the same.

oil for curly hair

However, with so many types and differences in oils characteristics (which explained in detail in this article on sciences-hair blog), it can be confusing to choose the best fit for your hair nature, so don’t judge the oil before trying it till you get the suitable one.

Anyway, here are some of the most used oil for pre-poo:

  • Coconut oil 
  • Olive oil 
  • Avocado oil 
  • Argan oil

Aloe vera pre-poo 

Many benefits that aloe vera has, especially for those who have dry scalp and hair; it will be a great idea to use the aloe vera gel as pre-poo; you can also mix it with your favorite oil then apply it to your hair. 

Pre-poo recipes for curly hair

Many people prefer to use DIY pre-poo, which is a mix of substances that you can find almost in every kitchen. Here are some recipes which have popularity in the curly hair world:

Banana pre-poo

  • One egg 
  • 1 Tbsp honey 
  • 1 Tbsp olive oil 

Coconut and honey pre-poo

  • 3 Tbsp: Coconut Oil
  • 2 Tbsp: Honey

Note: you can increase the amount of each recipe ingredient depending on your hair density and length.

Why should you pre-poo your curly hair?

With this method’s spread, the biggest question remains among girls with curly hair about the reasons that may push them to use this method and the benefits that they will reap from applying pre-poo. Here are some of what can pre-poo give to your hair:

Lock moisture in hair strands, and avoid drying out the hair

Pre-pooing before using shampoo helps lock in moisture in your hair. Especially if we talk about using shampoo with harsh cleaning ingredients that strip all the natural hair oil and moisture, the applied oil layer will protect the hair and maintain its moisture.


I think brushing curly hair is one of the most challenging tasks for any curly girly because the comb/ brush will stick in your hair knots, and that may cause breakage.

black woman comp her curly hair

But applying oil will make it easier because it softens the hair; just let the pre-poo treatment sit on your hair at least for 30 minutes before brushing it. 

Prevent hygral fatigue 

When the oil coats the hair strands, that will reduce the amount of absorbing water because the oil will repel it and prevent the hair from swelling, which is the reason for hygral fatigue.

How often should you pre-poo?

There is no rule to determine how often to use pre-poo; you can use it every time you wash your hair or think that your hair needs the pre-poo benefits; it all depends on your hair needs.

Does pre-poo suit all curly hair types and porosity?

Yes, pre-poo suits all hair types and porosity. In general, the focus should be on the kind of treatment (oil, butter, or recipe) you use to pre-poo; not all of them suit all the curly hair types, so before judging this method, you have to make sure that you use the right treatment.

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