Protein Moisture Balance Explained For Curly Hair

When your interest in your naturally curly hair increases, you will successively come to advanced terms that will be difficult for you to understand the first time; thanks to us because we are here to help!

Among these terms is protein-moisture balance, but what does that really mean? Do we need special equipment to accurately measure and quantify the amount of protein or moisture entering our hair?

Let’s relax now and have fun reading this information on protein and moisture balance and how to determine our hair’s need for both.

What is protein moisture balance?

It is a presumed term to determine the hair’s natural needs for protein or moisture and compare the apparent marks on the hair (the problems our hair faces) to see if there was no imbalance in this balance.

But why were protein and moisture specifically chosen to balance them out? The most accurate answer is that they are two of the most essential elements of hair gaining strength and its natural healthy appearance, and excessive use of each component separately on the hair will lead to other hair problems that we do not want to face.

Protein is the main component of hair, which gives it strength and toughness. While moisture is the primary source of softness for the hair, it is what gives the hair a healthy look that is free from frizz and dryness.

As we will see later, the imbalance and tendency in favor of one of the two components compared to the other will lead to the emergence of more complex problems that are difficult to get rid of, such as hygral fatigue.

How do you know if your hair needs protein or moisture?

Two methods can be used to determine hair’s need for protein or moisture. The first method is based on conducting a hair elasticity test. In contrast, the second method is based on experimenting with products on hair according to the constituent elements and comparing the results.

Hair elasticity test

I will not give a detailed explanation about the hair elasticity test, as its results are inaccurate and cannot be taken seriously in the protein moisture balance. 

Hair elasticity test

But why is it inaccurate? Because it is impossible to fully understand the need of our hair by judging only one strand’s elasticity.

How do we do this test? And what do we need? All you need is one strand of hair from your head and a glass of water.

After that, the strand of hair should be immersed in water for a short time and removed from the cup.

Finally, you must stretch the strand to see how flexible it is. If it breaks off immediately without showing any elasticity, then this means that you are deficient in protein. Whereas if the strand is stretched and does not return to its previous shape, this means that it lacks moisture.

As for the third case, the strand is stretched and returned to its previous shape, and in that case, it means that the balance between protein and moisture is achieved.

A final reminder, relying on these tests is completely impractical as it is difficult to take the results seriously. In the coming days, we will publish more detailed articles on this point.

Trial and error

What do we mean by that exactly? Trial and error in the world of hair care in general and curly hair, in particular, means experimenting with a number of products during the routine of caring for your curly hair, monitoring the results and knowing which products suit your hair, and excluding other products that did not show positive results on your hair.

But is it that simple? Of course not, and we need a very long time here to find out which products may suit our hair, it may be helpful to read and learn about others’ experiences about specific products, especially from people who share the type of porosity with you.

How do you get protein and moisture in your hair?

Our curly hair needs protein or moisture to be met by using our favorite hair products in everyone’s curly hair care routine.

Curly hair products contain a list of the ingredients that go into their manufacture, and after reading these ingredients and trying the product, and seeing the final results on your hair healthily and soundly, it is then possible to determine the preferred product for your curly hair.

How can I add protein to my curly hair?

There are several ways in which protein can be added to hair, and we will cover all of them. But as we mentioned, moving away from exaggeration and moderation in adding hair’s need of protein into a personal hair care routine.

  • Protein treatments
  • DIY protein treatments
  • Natural nutrition

But when should each of them be used? Each of the methods above has specific use cases.

Protein treatments

Protein treatment products are the best and most popular choice, why? Because it accurately describes its work and has been processed and manufactured for this purpose. They may be the most expensive option, but they have a great benefit in adding protein to your curly hair.

It is also important to read the ingredients in this type of product and make sure that one of the main components of protein is available, such as:

  • keratin
  • collagen
  • creatine
  • yogurt
  • vitamin B-5

That does not mean that you are searching for a product that includes all the ingredients mentioned above, of course not! But it is important to know which products will work for your hair and the ingredients in them.

DIY protein treatments

Natural hair masks (we will publish a separate article later) that include natural protein-containing ingredients may not be a good choice for many, especially those suffering from low porosity.

The protein molecules in these types of treatments are large and difficult to penetrate the hair, but many of those who have tried these methods have confirmed that they have very positive effects on their hair.

Natural nutrition

Natural nutrition that includes protein-containing food items such as eggs, red meat, and any other food that includes protein in different proportions is considered very useful and should not be ignored in any way.

We mentioned earlier that your hair tells you what you are, and your nourishment is a part of you. There are no specific rules in this regard, and they depend on the nature of each person and the way he takes care of his food.

But this is not all! Where protein components can be found in other hair products such as shampoos, conditioners, or others. Please consider this point.

How can I add moisture to my curly hair?

By using hair products that contain humectants? Contain what? Humectants.

Humectants are synthetic or natural organic substances that limit moisture loss from hair and are found in most hair products such as conditioners, gels, pomades, or conditioners treatments.

The choice between these products and the need for them varies depending on the porosity of your curly hair. The methods and tips for moisturizing curly hair are endless; we mention them in almost all of our articles.

But the most important point is knowing when your hair is dry due to lack of moisture, and adding the appropriate amount of moisture without causing damage to the hair.

The number of humectants in hair products is very large (we will not mention them here), but it is important to know that they will not be the solution to “moisturizing your curly hair” in case you do not resort to moisturizing methods that suit the nature of your hair.

Protein Moisture Balance


I added protein and moisture to my curly hair, and I fulfilled the dream of many people with curly hair to achieve a balance between protein and moisture; what should I do now?

Firstly, when you know that you have reached the required balance between protein and moisture in hair, your hair will look healthy and shiny, and the products you used at the time should add to your permanent care routine for your curly hair (this does not mean that you have to use them every time!).

Maintaining this balance will protect your hair from potential problems common to your curly hair in the long run, as well as gain you boundless confidence in yourself and your appearance, and you will discover the importance of this balance during the days of your experiment with it.

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