9 Tips For Moisturizing Natural Curly Hair

Providing the necessary moisture is essential for hair, especially for curly ones, because of curl formation, making it harder for natural oils secreted from the scalp to cover and moisturize each strand of hair.

Curly hair nature is not the only thing causing dryness. Whether or heat and some bad habits in the hair routine could be the reason too. However, as soon as you notice frizzy curls, it means your hair starts losing its moisture. What should you do then? Let’s answer this question. 

Why does this article consider the best guide to moisturized curls?

We won’t give you random tips within this article, like those you hear or read from all over the internet, such as using a deep conditioner or leave-in. To be honest, they work well most of the time, but if you want to get all the keys to reaching well moisturized curly hair, add these easy steps to your hair routine. Don’t forget, good look curls are made by good wash day. 

Cleansing tips for moisturized curls

Use sulfate-free shampoo

Sulfates are types of chemicals that manufacturers use as cleansing and foaming agents. Most cleaning products contain sulfates to make cleaning more effective in removing dirt and excess oils, and from this point, it’s easy to understand the side effects. Sulfates tend to strip hair of its natural oils, and as we know, hair needs to retain its natural moisture and oils to stay healthy.

Despite sulfate’s bad reputation in the curly world because of its dryness effect, it’s essential to use one product -shampoo- that contains sulfate from time to time to help remove dirt, style, and product buildup on the hair over time, which makes conditioning more effective.

Use leave-in on curly hair
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Apply shampoo only on your scalp

Shampoos are used as hair detangling products that help remove dirt and products that accumulate on the scalp over time, and people often wash their entire head with shampoo, which strips curls off natural oil and moisture, letting your hair dry and frizzy.

No need to fear; your hair will be cleaned from the scalp to the ends. Using shampoo on the scalp will be enough because the water used to wash your scalp is more than enough to clean the ends. The main focus should be on scalp cleaning, as the dirt collects to maintain the hair’s natural oil and maintain curl hydration.

Give co-wash a try

Co-wash means using conditioner instead of shampoo to clean the scalp. It contains gentle cleaning ingredients but is effective. Co-wash helps moisturize hair and scalp to leave hair without frizziness and the scalp relieved from dryness.

It’s essential to massage the scalp after applying the conditioner for up to 5 minutes minimum to ensure that your scalp is perfectly cleaned. Another crucial step in co-wash is clarifying from time to time to remove all the buildup products on the scalp and hair.


Choose your conditioner smartly

The ingredients in your conditioner tell you how it will work. Your main goal behind using conditioner is to moisturize your curly hair and maintain the moisture in it; here are the most important ingredients you should look for:

Use shampoo only on scalps
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  • Moisturizer: add soften to your curls ( honey, olive oil, aloe vera, etc.)
  • Humectants: draw the moisture from the environment into the hair (vegetable glycerin, panthenol, etc.)
  • Emollients: add soften to your curls (shea butter, olive oil, jojoba oil, etc.)

Try deep conditioning

We can define a deep conditioner as a conditioner with concentrated ingredients, mostly containing some oil and butter, or in the short term, a high-powered hair conditioner. It usually leaves on hair for up to 15-30 minutes after cleansing the hair, which helps in deeply nourishing, strengthening hair, and moisturizing. If you have more questions about deep conditioning, we will answer them in a separate article on our blog. 

Style your hair smartly to maintain the moisture for longer

Use leave-in conditioner

Leave-ins are the lightest form of conditioners that moisturize curls without weighing them down. Leave-in consideration as a styling product that you can leave in your hair for the next wash and give the hair extra moisture and detangling hair, thus reducing the amount of breakage often produced by brushing.

Unfortunately, you can’t entirely rely on leave in moisturizing if your curls are damaged and dry. You have to take other steps besides it to gain all the benefits of leave-in, but generally, adding leave-in to your hair routine will make a big difference. 

Try LOC/LCO methods

They are two common techniques used to seal moisture into the hair by forming a hair layer depending on the oil and cream. The main goal of both ways to lock in moisture due to the layering process. LOC stands for Liquid, Oil, Cream. In comparison, LCO stands for liquid, Cream, Oil.

The liquid product works on moisturizing hair you can use (leave-in, conditioner, or water), then the cream mixed with water to give more moisture, and finally, the oil seals the moisture into the hair by locking the moistures into the hair. That’s how LCO works. While in the LOC method, you have to apply oil after liquid and then the cream as the final step.

Generally, most girls prefer the LCO method, but you should try whatever method you want to take. Then based on your results, you can decide which way is best for you.

Extra tips for extra moisture to your curls

Drink enough water

No matter how hard you try to get moisturized and healthy hair, you will not achieve perfect curl moisture unless you drink enough water. Note that the human body is made up of 70% water and that giving the importance of drinking water with its positive effects on the body and hair is evident. Drinking water will promote a healthier scalp, which means less dryness and dandruff.

Forget about the device that recommends drinking 8 cups of water per day. The number of water cups depends on many factors, such as weather and physical exertion during the day. It’s essential to avoid drinking a lot of water in a short time because of the side effects of that.

The balance between moisture and protein

There is a codependent relationship between protein and moisture; can’t one work correctly without the other one. In comparison, moisture is vital to curl that healthy, shiny look and push the frizziness away. Protein fills in gaps in the cuticle layers of hair and keeps strands hydrated by slowing moisture loss. 

On the other hand, having too much protein and too much moisture can break your tresses, so creating the right balance is critical. Keep using the above steps to get moisturized curls, and at least you have to use one product containing protein in its ingredients, which means follow a routine focus on moisture and protein at the same time.


Despite the importance of moisturizing curls, over-moisturizing will lead to unwanted results. Curls will weigh down and get undefined due to the excess moisture above that the scalp will get oily, resulting in a loss of volume, so the key to perfect moisturizing is to be balanced in using moisture products and find out what your curls want.                    

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