9 Essential Tips To Get Rid of Frizzy Curly Hair at Home

Believe it or not, your curly hair has a frizziness, and you are not alone in that; we didn’t know that by magic, it’s just the most common curly hair problem. However, this is entirely normal, but some factors can make the frizzy curly hair issues even worse. Humidity for example, is the worst enemy for your curls, which replace your defined curls with a frizzy mess.

Humidity isn’t the only culprit. Over-processed hair with straighteners tools also can lead to horrible frizzy curls, using unsuitable products, and following bad habits. Any one of those factors or all of them can be responsible for your frizzy curls, and now it’s time to know how to get rid of it with these frizzy curly hair tips.

Give your curls the required moisturize

Dry curls mean frizziness; this is a clear fact you can recognize when your hair needs moisture, and most of the time, you might face dryness problems due to curly hair nature. According to the repeated advice of curly hair, give your hair the necessary moisture -but DON’T forgets to keep the balance between moisture and protein-. There are many ways to get moisturized curls. Here are some tips that can be useful.

Deep Treatment: this step should be a basic rule in every curly girl routine, which is done by using a good hair mask every three days or once a week for 15 minutes to an hour. It all depends on your curly hair requirements. Put a hair mask on your curls after shampooing it then cover them with a shower cap for a specific time.

Co-Wash: this is a cleaning method that depends on using a conditioner instead of shampoo, don’t worry about your scalp cleanliness. Just massage your scalp by fingertips for 5 minutes to ensure that the conditioner does its work well.

Use styling products 

Styling products can reduce the fizzy curls by holding and giving it a defined look. But there is an important point here; most styling products contain dry alcohol, which causes frizziness, so you have to avoid products that contain this kind of alcohol. Here are some kinds of different styling products that can help in reducing frizzy in different ways.

The MOST crucial tip is to apply the following styling products on wet hair, that will help you to get rid of frizzy curly hair.

Leave-in conditioner: this kind of conditioner can put it on your curls and leave it for the next shower to prevent the dryness that causes frizzy hair. Make sure that you apply it to your curls equally.

Mousses, gel: both of them used to hold the curls and give a defined look, which reduces the frizziness. Choosing between them depends on your hair requirements; while gel holds your curls strongly, mousse gives your hair more volume because it’s lighter than gel.

Brush your curls in right way 

One of the common mistakes that people with curly hair make is brushing their hair while it’s dry. That will lead to significant damage because the comb will stuck with hair knots. The right time to brush your hair is in the shower when the curls are wet after applying a conditioner to make the brushing process smoother and more manageable without damaging.

Firstly wash your curly hair and clean it as usual, then apply some conditioner on your hair using the praying hand’s method or scrunch method; after that, try detangling curly strands by your finger.

Finally, if you want to use a comb, it should be a wide-toothed comb; then start brushing from the ends of your curl up to the roots.

Protect your curls at night 

Ignore protecting your hair at night will increase friction, which causes big hair damage, and the curls will lose their definition. So protecting your curls at night is a priority to get non-frizzy curls. Here are some tips that can help in that. (You can get more curly hair tips by reading previous articles on our blog about this topic)

protect curly hair before sleep
the most protective way for curly hair before sleep – image source:

Use free sulfate shampoo

Sulfate is considered a harsh chemical cleaning ingredient; despite its importance in cleaning, it may cause dryness issues because it doesn’t remove the dirt only, it removes the natural hair oils too. It’s not wrong to use sulfate shampoo from time to time in some cases, but you shouldn’t use it continuously to keep your hair moisturized and avoid frizziness. 

list of sulfates ingredients to avoid
list of sulfates ingredients names to avoid in shampoo

If you use sulfate shampoo for any reason, you have to moisturize your curls using a hair mask to nourish, refresh your curls and rehydrate them to look as healthy and frizz-free as possible.

Avoid using shampoo every day, refresh your curls instead

Every curly girl knows how beautiful her curls look on a washing day. From this point, some girls shampoo their curls every day to get that shiny, defined look, but that may cause dryness because shampoo will remove all-natural hair oil which is essential to moisturize hair and reduce frizz.

instead of shampooing curls every day and to avoid its effects at the same time. You can shampoo your curls once or twice per week or less -it depends on your hair nature- and use a refreshing spray instead, mix some water with your leave-in, and some gel (if you want) and spray it on your curls. This method will reduce the frizz hair after washing day entirely. 

Use microfiber towel or cotton T-shirt

Regular cotton towels are more fluffy than microfiber towels. This fluffy towel causes more friction, which leads to breakage, damaged hair, and split ends, and this will surely increase the frizzy.

Above that, a microfiber towel is more effective in absorbing water, which means a short time for hair drying. 

If you don’t have a microfiber towel, you can replace it with a cotton T-shirt, yes T-shirt, not a towel because T-shirt doesn’t fluffy, so it won’t cause issues like cotton towels do.

The right way to use the towel or T-shirt to dry your hair is by scrunching out all the excess water, then upside down your head -this will help you get more volume and keep the curls in shape-, finally cover your hair without rubbing it. You can try a plopping method for better results without frizzy.

Avoid heat

Heat is the most dangerous destroyer of your curly hair, you won’t just get frizzy hair, but your curls will breakage and dry out, so try to limit the use of heat styling tools as much as possible. If you have to use it, protect your curls using silicon serum, and don’t forget to moisturize your curls next shower. 

Trim the damaged ends

This step will change your curls from frizzy miss to defined pretty curls like magic, especially if you get the right cut for your curly hair. The suited time to get trim is when you notice split ends in your curls because it’s the main reason for frizziness. Usually, it would be best if you got your hair trimmed every two to three months.

trim split ends of curly hair
trimming split ends of curly hair – image source: twitter @GenaMarieCo

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