Undefined curls? here are 6 tips to solve it

The undefined curls problem consider as one of the most annoying things to curly hair girls, especially when they decide to become natural and keep their curls healthy.

There are plenty of factors that are responsible for that, such as high humidity or dryness.

But the weather is not the only one here, where the bad habits or not paying attention to our curly hair is an important factor in the way our curly hair will look.

Six tips to fix undefined curls problem

You will notice that we insist on a mention of the same bad habits of our daily life that are causing a lot of problems to our curly hair.

We cannot impose strict restrictions to follow, but it is important to be reminded of them every now and then to reach the goal of healthy, defined curly hair.

moisturizing your curly hair

Dryness is the sworn curly hair enemy that will lead to undefined curls and make them look messy.

From this point, it is possible to understand how important it is to moisturize curly hair when it comes to getting defined curls.

Determining your curly hair type and nature is the first step you have to take before choosing the right moisturizing products.

Notice: Using the wrong ways to moisturize curly hair will lead to bad results on your curly hair, such as not choosing the right product for your hair porosity.We actually wrote a separate article, and we mentioned in it amazing tips to effectively moisturize your curly hair.

Use enough amount of each product.

Another important tip to get rid of the undefined curls problem is to make sure you aren’t applying too much of each product or using too many products.

Using more than your curly hair needed will weigh your hair down.

On the other hand, applying less than required will result in messy undefined curls and leave you struggling with frizzy curls. 

Knowing the right amount of product you have to use on your curly hair depends on many factors.

For instance, the longer your curls are, The more Product amounts you should use; hair density also plays a major role.

Use Styling Products

Styling products will help to get defined curls and hold them up for a longer time, but most curly girls wonder if they should use gel or mousse for styling. In fact, the choice depends on hair density and the required results.

Choosing the right products for your curly hair will make the difference for sure; unfortunately, we can’t mention all the tips linked to this here.

however, we will publish a separate article about this point; make sure you subscribe to our mailing list to receive a notification when we publish it (subscription is free)

Try different styling methods.

finger coiling curly hair
image via Jayme Jo

It looks hard to define curls, especially at the beginning of a natural hair journey, because it needs lots of patience to face frizzy and undefined curls.

Thankfully many styling methods help define curls without using heat or any hair rollers.

To choose the method that best suits your curly hair needs, you should try one by one until you get that method that giving the required result; I’ll mention some of them:

Trim split ends of the curly hair

Trim split ends of the curly hair
image via wikiHow

Split ends of hair, in general, mean damaged frizzy hair and affect hair formation as a result.

The bad news is those ends can’t be fixed and will make your curls undefined even if you try all the above ways, and by that time, the splits will extend along with the hair and cause more damage.

Searching for solutions for this? Trimming the split ends will refresh your curly hair and help you get more defined curls.

Regardless of the many factors that cause split ends, there are some signs that it is time to cut them; we talk about split ends for curly here in-depth and mention many solutions for this.


It doesn’t seem easy to choose the right way to get defined curls the first time. It is all about trying to figure out what your curly hair needs, and besides, you have to be patient with every attempt.

You will get the desired results and achieve the defined curly hair look once your hair starts to look less frizzy and your curls clump together to form a single perfect curl.

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